Appalachian Tough Gun Case Foam Padding by Carolina Custom Foam High Density Foam Insert | Lightweight, Moisture Resistant, Durable, Charcoal Color

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Price: $8.00
(as of Mar 24,2023 22:38:26 UTC – Details)

Carolina Custom Foam Appalachian Tough Gun Case Foam
DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR GUN STORAGE NEEDS: We created pre-cut foam gun case inserts for the major gun cases out there to fit your personal needs! We have the most popular and used sizes in foam lining for gun cases. Sizes range from (.25”, .5”, 1”, 1.5” or 2”), making it possible to fit in gun cases for pistols and/or gun cases for rifles!
EASY TO CUT: Looking to get a larger size and cut it down to multiple smaller pieces? No problem! The extra firm properties of our Appalachian Tough design gives it the versatility to be cut with a brand new razor blade, electric carving knife, or skinning knife.
FOAM CAN FORM TO ITEM: Do you have any special guns or gun accessories that you keep in gun boxes for long periods? With time, our foam inserts can catch the memory of the item (s) you have stored to leave an imprint even when you use them. This does take time though, as our foam has a quick recovery rate for temporary placements!
MADE IN USA: Inspired by the Appalachian Mountains where Carolina Custom Foam was founded, we set out to create gun foam inserts that do more than the average. We wanted to use our own foam formula and be a pioneer for gun protection & portable gun storage. Like the Appalachian people, the durability of the Appalachian Tough gun case foam will give you years of use in your case to keep your valuable items safe and secure!

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