Brush Rinser, Paint Brush Cleaner,Brush Cleaner, Paint Brush Cleaner Running Water Circulation, Paint Brush Cleaner for Acrylic, Watercolor and Water-Based Paints (A)

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Product Description:

1pcs* Paint Brush Rinser

Paint brush cleaner rinse cup is used with water-based paints such as watercolor, acrylic painting,tempera, gouache, and others in the art studio, classroom, at facepainting events, or at home and outdoors.
Paint brush rinser with dra&in flushes dirty water from the well, and refills with clean water at the tou&ch of a button. keeping you focused on your painting .
Simply pressing the button at the front of the paint brush cleaner rinse cup dr&ains the used water into the storage base and automatically refills the well with a clean supply.
【Protects your brushes】With one button to press, the Rinser recycles dirty water while providing an outflow of clean water to reuse, protecting your brushes without causing damage to the bristles.
【Ideal for a variety of paints】The Brush Rinser tool is ideal for use with a variety of paints, including acrylic and watercolors.
【Leak-proof design】 The hexagonal shape design provides better leak-proofing than traditional round rinse cups.
【Large capacity】 Each 250ml bottle of the Paint Brush Cleaner rinse cup allows for 30 flushes, and its durable material ensures its long&evity.

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