Creative Mark Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes – Animal-Friendly, Synthetic Hair Brushes for Painting & Crafts – Dagger Striper 1/4″

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Price: $10.99
(as of Mar 25,2023 20:28:51 UTC – Details)

Finding a quality synthetic water color brush has been tough for a long time. That’s why we partnered with a leading brush maker to craft a brush with all the benefits of natural hair and none of the drawbacks! Our animal-friendly Mimik Squirrel brushes make a great substitute for natural squirrel and sable. The innovative synthetic blend imitates squirrel hair in its ability to hold copious amounts of color for large washes while also offering the control, response, and sharp edge of a Kolinsky sable brush. Each waterbrush has a short blue-grey stained wood handle and a matte nickel-plated brass ferrule. Best of all, no animals are harmed or endangered to make these must-have art supplies. A complete line of professional watercolor brushes to choose from: Filberts, Flats, Riggers, Rounds, Dagger Stripers, Fans, Liners & Washes. These brushes make for great gifts for any level of artist, especially those who are looking for animal friendly paint brushes.
FEATURES: Innovative high quality synthetic hair, Mimics squirrel and Kolinsky sable, Nickel-plated brass ferrules, and Popular shapes and sizes
PERFECT FOR: Watercolors, gouache, and acrylic paint, Animal-friendly artists, High color load, and Superb control, response, and sharp edge
No animals were endangered or harm to make these synthetic squirrel hair brushes, making these a great gift for animal rights activists who want the same quality that natural hair brushes provide
These Mimik Synthetic Hair Watercolor Brushes have short blue-grey wooden handles enabling them to have excellent control and response compared to a longer handled brush
VARIETY of brush types including: Filberts, Flats, Riggers, Rounds, Daggers, Fans, Liners, Washes, and a Set

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