Escoda Chronos Series 3151 Artist Watercolor & Acrylic Paint Brush, Synthetic Toray Fiber & Red Sable Blend, Pointed Round, Size 2/0

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Price: $20.99
(as of May 05,2023 15:22:24 UTC – Details)

The revolutionary Escoda Chronos brushes are unlike any other. These brushes are made using a blend of 90% synthetic gold Toray fiber and 10% natural red sable hair. This combination creates a brush for both watercolor and fluid acrylics that is unlike anything out there today. This is a true first for Escoda, whose brushes are still considered some of the finest in the world. These brushes are the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. The natural red sable hair allows the brush to hold a large amount of paint and water that many artists require, while the synthetic gold Toray fiber provides excellent spring and snap. Traditional all red sable brushes may be too expensive for some artists. But because of the unique blend of fiber and hair, these Chronos brushes offer an attractive price point for a wide range of customers, making them both affordable and durable. Since 1933, three generations of the Escoda family have served the most discerning artists. Always combining the finest raw materials with obsessive craftsmanship, Escoda brushes are appreciated for their attention to detail and their lasting performance. The family’s pride can be felt in every brush stroke. All artists can enjoy the satisfaction of creating with Escoda. Each brush features a triple crimp, an exclusive trademarked Escoda design, is used for each brush. This ensures that the ferrule remains fixed to the handle for a lifetime of use. Each handle is perfectly balanced to fit each brush head size. The handles are formed to provide an ergonomic fit for the artist. Each brush head is “cured” in a way unique to Escoda that enhances the natural characteristics of the hair or filament. This locks the hairs in place and creates a permanent shape and increases the natural spring and resilience of every brush.
AFFORDABLE AND DURABLE – The blend of synthetic fiber and natural hair provides an affordable option to an all red sable brush
BEAUTIFUL BLUE-LACQUERED WOOD HANDLE – Each brush is meticulously designed with a durable wood handle that offers a comfortable grip and is nicely balanced for a satisfying painting experience
EXCLUSIVE TRIPLE CRIMP FERRULE – The patented triple crimp ferrule is exclusive to Escoda brushes and helps ensure a fixed ferrule that allows for a lifetime of brush use
EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND DESIGN- The process of designing and creating Escoda brushes in their factory begins and ends with brush artisans and each brush is meticulously crafted by hand since 1964

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