KAMENSKAYA Delaminating Alcohol Inks: Self-Splitting Alcohol Ink P-108 ‘Malachite’, 1.35 fl oz (40 ml)

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Recommendation for use: Method 1: dilute the ink with a thinner in a cup, pour it on the surface and wait for it to dry completely. No dryer required. Method 2: Pour ink on the surface and dry it with a dryer as you would with a normal alcohol ink. The splitting effect occurs only with Kamenskaya mixing solution or with ethyl alcohol. Most inks will not peel off with isopropyl alcohol (except for delamination inks). The recommended dilution with mixing solution is 1:3 to 1:4 (where 1 is the ink). To avoid overcoating, we recommend adding a super concentrate to the mixing solution according to the description of the super concentrate (for use on smooth synthetic surfaces and glass). Tips: 1 The more often you dilute the inks, the less chip. Corresponding the less, the tighter the grit. 2. Inks with different degrees of separation do not mix into a third color, they dry in two colors. This looks stunning, it’s worth trying it. 3. Inks of the same layer work well together. 4. The inks work well with inks of other lines. 5. After drying, coat the image with a few layers of spray acrylic paint. 6. Make sure the surface you are working on is flat so that the drawing does not move away when drying. 36 months before opening, 6 months after opening the bottle. Store in a closed vial at a temperature between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius.
MADE BY ARTIST: Kamenskaya is a brand created by artist for artists. All compositions of paints are developed by the author of the brand Polina Kamenskaya, and the range is determined by the popular techniques and the artist’s needs
CREATE SOMETHING NEW AND UNIQUE with 23 different shades of KAMENSKAYA delaminating alcohol inks which you could use to create volume without physically creating volume. Technically inks split into hundreds of small particles and form fantastic patterns!
THE SHADES ARE LIGHTFAST and not affected by direct sunlight. In addition to painting in ink art tecnhique you could use these alcohol inks for epoxy resin
GET NEW EFFECTS IN YOUR ART by combining delaminating inks with other lines of KAMENSKAYA alcohol inks.
FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS on how to achieve and enhance delamination effect (check product photos).

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