RGM New Age Collection Painting Knife, 028 (RGART028)

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Price: $14.53
(as of Apr 28,2023 11:31:34 UTC – Details)

Take your paintings to the next level with these unconventional palette knife styles featuring new unique shapes and in a high-quality steel blade. Blades are specially treated to help protect as well as ease the spreadability of color. They are great for use with all relief pastes such as mortar, gels (matt gel, heavy gel), Modeling pastes, and gesso. These specially shaped knives can also be used when painting with Acrylics and Oils to obtain “relief” effects with a variety of thicknesses and layers. Available with high-quality bubinga wood handles. For over 50 years, RGM has been producing distinguished fine artist tools designed for masters, professionals and serious students. RGM exquisite painting knives and tools for carving, sculpting and etching are made with the highest quality materials, following the tradition of artisans and artists. With the revival of painting knife work, RGM has lead the avant-garde, offering innovative shapes and characteristics that yield new functionality for the artist. RGM paint knives are available in a range of over 250 models. Each tempered steel blade is hand-ground, providing unparalleled flexibility and spreadability.
CAN BE USED WITH A VARIETY OF MEDIUMS – For use with relief pastes such as mortar, gels, modeling pastes or gesso
WORKS WITH ACRYLICS AND OILS – Use when painting with acrylics and oils to obtain relief effects with a variety of thicknesses and layers
COMFORTABLE DESIGN – Ergonomically designed bubinga wood handles
HIGH QUALITY STEEL BLADES – Each painting knife is handcrafted in Italy
EXCELLENT FLEXIBILITY – The blades are specially treated to ensure excellent flexibility and ensure protection for a longer lifespan

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