Unity Resin – Resin Color Pigment, Easy-to-Use Epoxy Resin Pigment, Concentrated Pigment Paste for Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Resin Supplies for Art, Woodwork, DIY Projects and More (Warm Cashmere)

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For all your epoxy colorant needs, use Ultra Luxe Epoxy Resin Color Pigment Paste. An essential medium for artists and craftspeople, this epoxy kit must-have from UNITY RESIN is ideal for resin art, woodwork, DIY crafts and more. 
17 Hues to Choose fromWhether you use it on resin for jewelry making, surfaces and items (geodes, trays, coasters and more), these colored pastes will make your creation pop.
50G Jar  
Pearl – Metallic white
Stone Gray – Solid, opaque gray
Warm Cashmere – Metallic ivory with warm undertones 
Opulent Orange – Deep metallic orange
Orange Obsession – Solid, vibrant orange
Radiant Red – Solid, opaque red
Dazzling Yellow – Metallic yellow
Lux Rose – Metallic rose that adds a lacing, cellular and floating effect
Vivid Violet – Metallic purple
Caribbean Sea – Metallic blue green
Glamorous Green – Metallic emerald green
Night Tides – Metallic blue
Silver Moon Sparkling – Metallic chrome
Purely Pomegranate – Opaque, deep burgundy100G Jar
Extreme White – Opaque, solid white
Intense Black – Opaque, lustrous black
Extravagant Gold – Metallic rose that adds a lacing, cellular and floating effectSafety PrecautionsJust like with using a wood hardener, you must wear the right gear and work in a ventilated area when using pastes. Keep them out of children’s reach and avoid ingesting or directly inhaling them. Actual colors may vary slightly from their on-screen look due to monitor display issues.
Encouraging Creativity and Healing via Self-ExpressionUnity Resin’s “Together in Creativity” initiative shares a portion of the sales to organizations that aid people with mental problems. Collaborating with them is how we fulfill our mission of  bringing awareness to the power of art in healing.
WORKS WITH VARIOUS EPOXY APPLICATION – Made of premium ingredients, each low-odor epoxy resin color pigment produces a vivid, deep hue. With a 45 to 50-minute work time, this epoxy pigment is ideal for creating different art resin applications, woodwork and more.
EASY TO WORK WITH – Adding color value and depth is a breeze with our resin pigment paste. Each jar of resin dye paste is filled halfway and is measured by weight, not volume. Our epoxy resin dye paste has a high concentration of pigment. So, stir the resin color paste first before using.
A LITTLE PIGMENT GOES ALONG THE WAY – Because the epoxy color pigment paste is highly concentrated, just a small amount produces a bold hue, making it the economical choice. Scoop a bit of epoxy dye paste into a mixed craft resin until your desired color level is achieved.
VIVIDLY HUED RESIN PIGMENT PASTE FOR ART AND DIY PROJECTS – These food-safe resin dyes and pigments work great with 2D and 3D applications.

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